Walworth County Funds


The following funds are held by the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin for charitable purposes in Walworth County.

Bolded funds on this list signify endowment funds. An endowment fund is a permanent source of funding for the charitable purpose intended by the donor. The principal of the fund is invested and a portion of the fund’s earnings are spent annually for grant purposes. Endowment funds continue to serve as a source of grant funding for their communities forever.


  • Elkhorn Fund
    Established in 2007 to provide lasting support for projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in the Elkhorn community. Give Now.
  • Lori Genske Endowment Fund of the Elkhorn Fund
    Established in 2009 to provide lasting support for the Elkhorn community through the grant making of the Elkhorn Fund. Give Now.
  • Getzen Fund for Historic Cemeteries
    Established in 2002 to support the upkeep of historic cemeteries in Walworth County. Give Now.
  • Leadership Dynamics Endowment
    Established in 2006 to support an educational program that teaches business and life skills to high school students and for related projects in Walworth County. Give Now.
  • S.M.I.L.E.S.
    Established in 1997 to support physically and mentally challenged citizens who would benefit from equine therapy. Give Now.